5 yoga poses that will help you slim down and shrink waist

By strengthening your abdominal muscles while performing these yoga poses, you will burn calories and shrink your waistline.

Since the abdomen is where we tend to store fat, we’ll suggest certain yoga poses that are great for burning calories and losing weight, especially if you want to lower your waist.

Plank Pose 1

One of the best and most efficient poses for the abs is the plank position. Another asana that will cause you to really perspire is this one. Place your hands at shoulder height and begin by lying face down while washing your body like a board. Your abdominal muscles will be worked more intensely the longer you maintain this position. You are aware that a good place to start for beginners is with 30 seconds.

Cat Pose

Go down on all fours. When you take a deep breath, bend at the waist and raise your head. Try to tuck your pelvis as you try to curve your back as you exhale. Firmly place your chin against your chest. Asana helps to reduce belly fat deposits and improves posture. Perform 10 repetitions.

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Warrior Pose

Put your palms on both sides of one leg as you extend it forward and bend it. Turn around and stand up straight. Stretch your arms up and out. Spend 30 seconds in this state of inertness. Be sure to breathe evenly and deeply. In addition to developing powerful abs, the warrior pose improves the hamstrings, quads, and glutes.

Downward Facing Dog

On all fours, elevate your pelvis and push off with your toes. Put your feet firmly on the ground and straighten your arms and legs. Back arches. This stance enhances posture, strengthens the back and arm muscles, and speeds up metabolism. Continually hold this posture for 30 seconds.

Pigeon pose

A dog is in the starting position with its muzzle down. One at a time, extend your legs, then bend one of your knees and sit down. Lean forward and straighten your back. Eight times total. This pose makes the hip joints more mobile, and the swings help to tighten the gluteal muscles.

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