A 21-day exercise challenge to reduce body fat and tone up the entire body

To shape your body, lose weight, and burn twice as much fat as you normally would, stick to this 21-day workout challenge.

To tone your body and reduce weight, you don’t have to leave your house and visit the gym. You may get incredible results with this 21-day workout challenge in just 15 minutes, whether you’re trying to burn fat, lose belly fat, or even improve your body shape.

Complete two sets of each exercise listed below, don’t take a break until you’ve completed the first set, pay attention to your breathing, and keep a towel nearby because you’ll probably perspire.

30. jumping jacks

One of the best plyometric exercises available, it also provides an excellent cardio workout. It is the activity for you if you’re looking to increase your speed.

20. Deep squats.

All of the lower body muscles, including your quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings, are worked during this exercise. As you need your back and deep abdominal muscles to support your torso and carry out this exercise properly, it also strengthens your belly.

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10 Burpees after 1 minute of planking

Burpees are fantastic because they blend strength and cardio in one workout. A burpee is a challenging full-body workout that focuses heavily on the core while simultaneously working your upper and lower body. Before the squat, add a hop to the mix for an additional cardio boost.

20 Sit-ups and 10 Superman

No matter how long it takes you, just try to complete each exercise thoroughly. If you start to get fatigued, just take a breath and try to continue with a slower rhythm.

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