Abhyantar Kumbhaka Pranayama: Its Benefits From Yoga Expert

If you’ve been feeling dull and drained of vitality, Abhyantar Kumbhaka Pranayama will renew and revive your mind….

Abhyantar Kumbhaka Paranayama, also known as Full Breath Retention, is the conscious retention of the breath after intake to increase general energy levels, mood swings, and anxiety and depression difficulties. So, if you’ve been feeling tired and short on energy, this Pranayama will renew and revive your mind. It also helps you breathe better since it increases the capacity of your lungs by boosting the oxygen content of your blood.

The basic purpose of any pranayama practise is to integrate your body and mind through breathing. Pranayama detoxifies your body and replenishes it with oxygen, which enhances all of your body’s processes. Pranayama also boosts immunity and can aid in the battle against Covid-19. Depending on the demands of the individual, there are numerous varieties of pranayama.

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What Is Kumbhaka?

Kumbha is a Sanskrit term that meaning “vessel.” Our torso is comparable to this air-filled vessel. When doing Kumbhaka, you consciously stop the flow of air or hold your breath. Pranayama promotes the flow of oxygen in the body by increasing carbon dioxide retention, which stimulates brain regions that signal for greater oxygen exchange. It also increases memory and focus, as well as relieving tension and anxiety by increasing the flow of pran energy.

There Are Two Types Of Kumbhaka:

  • Abhyantara Kumbhaka
  • Bahya Kumbhaka

What is Abhyantara Kumbhaka?

The phrase Abhyantara Kumbhaka is made up of two parts. Internal denotes abhyantara, while kumbhaka indicates breath retention. It is the deliberate retention of one’s breath following intake. It is also known as antar kumbhaka.

How To Do Abhyantara Kumbhaka

  • Sit in a comfortable position in a peaceful area.
  • Inhale for five seconds via your nose.
  • Close both nostrils with your thumb and middle finger, obstructing the flow of air.
  • For 10 seconds, hold your breath.
  • It should be done at least five times.
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Benefits of Abhyantara Kumbhaka

  • The goal of Abhyantara Kumbhaka is to improve energy levels and pran shakti, commonly known as life power. It gives the body more vigour and energy and enhances a person’s general well-being.
  • When the body’s life force energy is enhanced, the neurological system is engaged, which aids in the improvement of balance, coordination, and movement.
  • This breathing method can help you improve your respiratory system’s performance. The capacity of the lungs is improved if done over a period of time.
  • People suffering from back discomfort, lack of confidence, and lethargy might benefit from it since it enhances the flow of Prana in the body.
  • If you’re feeling down or sad, pranayama can help lift your spirits and keep negative thoughts at bay.
  • Because it increases the flow of oxygen, pranayama is also believed to improve intellectual power, memory, and focus.

Who Should Avoid Abhyanatara Kumbhaka

  • Individuals with high blood pressure
  • People who suffer from migraines
  • Children under the age of 12
  • People suffering from heart problems
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Right Time To Do Abhyanatara Kumbhaka

Abhyanatara Kumbhaka, like any other Pranayama or yogic stance, is best done in brahma mahurat or very early in the morning. It is also possible to do it in the evening. If you intend to do it in the evening, it must be done within 4-5 hours of your previous meal.

It is one of Pranayama’s four phases. The other is:

1. Puraka – a single inhale that is smooth

2. Abhyantara kumbhaka – the deliberate retention of one’s breath after intake

3. Rechaka – a single exhale that is smooth

4. Bahya kumbhaka – the deliberate retention of one’s breath after exhale

So, this is all about Abhyantar Kumbhaka Pranayama from our side. And we hope that it will be helpful to you. But if in any case you wanna ask anything from us regarding it. Then you can comment below without any hesitation. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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