Compared to crunches, this workout is 1000 times more effective.

Thousands of individuals have completed the challenge we’re offering today, and its popularity stems from how well it works. One of the best workouts for shaping and strengthening the abs is the plank. Although it might appear simple, for this exercise to be effective, you must perform it correctly and regularly.

The plank activates and strengthens the entire core, which helps to improve posture and ease back discomfort. This bodyweight exercise tones the abs and minimizes waist size.

Abs that are stronger without ever crunching. Here’s a guide to performing a plank consistently correctly.

You should gradually step up the intensity of this workout over the 28-day challenge. At first, you should only keep the position for around 20 seconds, but as the week goes on, you should be able to hold it for up to 4 minutes.

Day 1: 20 seconds
Day 2: 20 seconds
Day 3: 30 seconds
Day 4: 30 seconds
Day 5: 40 seconds
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: 45 seconds
Day 8: 45 seconds
Day 9: 60 seconds
Day 10: 60 seconds
Day 11: 60 seconds
Day 12: 90 seconds
Day 13: Rest
Day 14: 90 seconds
Day 15: 90 seconds
Day 16: 120 seconds
Day 17: 120 seconds
Day 18: 150 seconds
Day 19: Rest
Day 20: 150 seconds
Day 21: 180 seconds
Day 22: 180 seconds
Day 23: 180 seconds
Day 24: 210 seconds
Day 25: Rest
Day 26: 210 seconds
Day 27: 240 seconds
Day 28: Hold back as much as possible.

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