Top Most 8 Effective Interval Training Exercises For Burning Calories That You Must Try Once

Interval Training can help you improve your physical and mental health in a variety of ways. To make your interval training regimen more effective, try these Interval Training Exercises…..

Every fitness plan and activity has its own set of advantages. Depending on their requirements and goals, people prefer different types of workouts for their training sessions. However, if you want to boost your stamina while also strengthening your body, you should attempt interval training. Interval training is a high-intensity workout that includes endurance-building activities separated by a two-minute rest period. Interval training is excellent for a variety of activities as well as a person’s general health; it can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and improve bodily functioning. The entire training regimen lasts around 30 minutes, making it easy to incorporate into your schedule.

8 Exercises To Boost Your Interval Training

1. Skipping

A basic jumping rope might be a good method to get your interval training started. This warms all of the body’s muscles and is beneficial to cardiovascular health, as well as improving balance, agility, and strength. Do these leaps for 2-3 minutes, or until you feel your body has warmed up and a few calories have been expended. Now take a one-minute rest to catch your breath before moving on to the next exercise.

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2. Stair Running

Walking the stairs and then descending is an excellent technique to work your calf muscles and lower body. This may be included in your interval training because it not only enhances your sprint power but is also inexpensive and requires no equipment. Running up and down the stairs can be done in sets or over time. This workout will take around 5 minutes to complete, after which you must relax for 2 minutes.

3. Burpees

This easy exercise is not well-known among training programmes, but it may be quite beneficial if done correctly. It’s a total-body strength-training activity that doesn’t necessitate the use of any equipment. Burpees help you tone up your muscles while also assisting in weight reduction. Squat and place your hands on the ground are all that is required. Then return to push-up posture by kicking your feet back. Return your feet to their original positions and jump far into the air. Repeat this exercise for 5 minutes, then rest for 2 minutes.

4. Shuttle Sprints

These are one of the most significant interval training exercises. It’s utilised in a variety of sports to help athletes increase endurance and for drills. Shuttle sprints are set up at a distance of 25 yards, and you can make a mark or keep an object for reference. It’s fantastic to increase your agility, stability, and stamina, all of which will benefit your physical health. This requires 10 shuttle sprints, with one lap counting as touching the marker and returning.

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5. Dumbbell Squat Press

This exercise combines squats and overhead presses with dumbbells, and it’s a wonderful combo for a high-intensity workout. This interval training routine will give your entire body a good workout while also strengthening your core. It provides a well-balanced workout for your arms, shoulders, quadriceps, and glutes. Place dumbbells on your shoulders for this exercise, then squat and execute two sets of 10 repetitions. After that, take a 2-minute pause.

6. Pull Ups 

Pull-ups are a terrific technique to keep your body in shape while also strengthening your upper body muscles. It does, however, need a sturdy rod on which to rest your body weight. You may also test it on low-hanging tree branches or machine rods that are robust. For this, you can complete two sets of two and then relax your muscles for another minute.

7. Push-ups

This is a core-strengthening workout that does not require any equipment. It strengthens the muscles in your shoulders, arms, triceps, and biceps. It’s a complex exercise that should be done at the conclusion of your workout to ensure that your muscles are warmed up and ready to perform at their best. It also strengthens your hip muscles and aids in the development of abs.

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8. V-Sit Abdominal Exercise

This is a high-intensity workout that should be performed with caution to avoid any body jerks. It activates your rectus abdomen, external oblique, and internal oblique muscles, making it one of the greatest exercises for abs training. It also strengthens the hips floor by engaging it. For this exercise, start by lying flat on your back and lifting your legs and upper torso in a V-shape. Hold this posture for as long as you can before gently returning to your previous position. Overdoing this workout might result in discomfort and jerks.


Interval training is one of the most effective techniques to work your entire body and engage it in order to increase endurance, strength, and stability. The majority of the workouts do not require any equipment and may be completed at a low cost. This interval exercise may be completed in about 30 minutes, making it easier to integrate into your everyday routine. Interval exercise tones muscles and lowers the risk of a variety of ailments. It also energises your body and helps to keep your intellect fresh.

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